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Last year, West African native Mohamed Bah was left slain by police officers in Harlem, igniting a fight for justice against the NYPD. Stories like Bah’s are becoming all too common. People are losing their lives at the hands of individuals who are supposed to protect and serve our communities. According to an annual NYPD report, there has been an increase in fatal shootings by New York City police officers.

The report, which was released earlier this week, provides an in-depth look at the number of people who lost their lives after being struck by police bullets. In 2011, there were 9 people who were shot and killed by police officials. In 2012, 16 people fell victim to police gunfire. The 74-page report also featured statistics about the amount of officers who were shot by suspects. Last year thirteen officers were wounded while on duty. None of those incidents resulted in death.

The report also provides information on incidents where a NYPD official has discharged their weapon, opened fire on animals and used their service weapons to take their own life. In efforts to soften the blow of these statistics representatives of the NYPD tried to highlight the fact that fatal shootings at the hands of police officers has dropped in 2013.

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