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Harlem politician Charlie Rangel is the third-longest currently serving member of the House of Representatives. He’s held the same position since 1971. Many wonder when he’ll bow out and hang up his suit, but apparently that won’t be happening any time soon. According to the Daily News, Rep. Rangel is going to run for his twenty-third term in Congress next year.

Critics question whether the 83-year-old Congressman can handle serving another term, but for Rep. Rangel age ain’t nothing but a number. He plans to take on politicians that are half his age. “Congressman Rangel is running. You can’t keep the old war horse down,” Manhattan Democratic Chairman and Harlem Assemblyman Keith Wright told the Daily News. “I’m with him all the way.”

Rep. Rangel has hit some roadblocks on his political journey, but the community has continued to stay by his side. In 2012, he defeated Senator Adriano Espaillat in the Democratic primary race, despite his troubles with ethics violations. This time around Rangel will have to come a bit harder, the competition is looking steep. Two Harlem-based clergymen who are associated with Rev. Al Sharpton have expressed interest in running, and Sen. Adriano Espaillat plans on trying to come for that spot again.

According to Assemblyman Keith Wright Congressman Rangel is expected to make an announcement about his re-election run in the near future.

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