Joe Biden’s State of the Union address will highlight Black Americans whose lives have been drastically affected by police brutality.

Black-led civil rights groups opposing Democrat's new policing bills that fund law enforcement urged the Congressional Black Caucus to resist supporting the legislation.

A reflection of the country they represent, Harris, along with other Black women leaders within the Biden administration, leverage their platforms to elevate issues impacting Black and other communities of color that past administrations have overlooked.

Black members of Congress brought the heat as the House voted to impeach a sitting president for the second time in one term.

The Congressional Black Caucus was heralding its new Jobs And Justice Act Of 2020 bill that it says will make vast improvements in the lives of Black families economically and socially.

House Democrats unveiled their sweeping new landmark legislation aimed at reforming the ways in which police departments enforce the nation's laws.

The Congressional Black Caucus says the Senate's Emergency Interim Aid Bill still overlooks the disproportionate effect the coronavirus is having on Black people.

The Congressional Black Caucus has submitted a sweeping list of proposals that it says elected officials must implement to specifically protect Black folks and their best interests as the country grapples with the coronavirus crisis.

John Conyers passed away at 90 years old.

Things just for got worse for the 30-year-old rapper.

Sounds like Cardi B has the same philosophy A$AP Rocky had back in 2016.

Snoop Dogg has got jokes... or maybe he is serious about Kim Kardashian helping A$AP Rocky.