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Nate Hill (pictured), an East Harlem, N.Y., artist is certainly looking to stir the pot in the artistic world. The controversial visionary actually drapes White women around his shoulders and wears them as human scarves, according to the New York Daily News.

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Hill, who is biracial, calls his creations “Trophy Scarves” that shed light on the stigma that is attached to interracial relationships, “It’s a satire on Black men who like to see White women as status symbols.”

In the dozens of photos the artist has taken, the living and breathing women are oftentimes scantily clad in underwear or nude and hang limply around Hill’s neck.  The Floridian-born  36-year-old is always conservatively dressed in a black suit and bow tie.

As to where Hill finds his models, he claims to scour Craigslist or social media sites. According to Hill, all of his selfies are taken at the women’s homes. Exactly how do these models feel about Hill’s eccentric work? “Usually, I’m more nervous about how they’re feeling than they are,” he said.  “Some of them are exhibitionists, some are artists, some of them just like to do new and interesting things.”

Thus far, Hill has worn roughly 20 models around his neck.

The very-married Hill, who will not comment on how his wife feels about his project, says he has been criticized as being sexist but just sloughs off the negativity.  On the flip side, he has also been touted as a hero, so the scale of criticisms is diverse.

Hill also launched a website,, back in 2011 that sells milk that has been gargled by White women (you are not misreading this!). His “Welcome” statement reads:

Many are drawn to White Power Milk for the comforting certainty that our milk is the purest available. But it’s something more elusive, and difficult to put into words, that keeps our customers coming back. We create a select beverage that is not only more healthy for your body, but is culturally superior. Sure, the milk available at your local grocery store meets USDA government standards for quality, but these standards are set to a mere minimum of purity. You deserve the best.

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