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Harlem just took another major step toward becoming the next Silicon Valley. After the opening of Harlem Garage, a hotspot for techies in the community, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that the neighborhood will be getting the largest free public Wi-Fi network in the country.

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The new Wi-Fi network, which is slated to be completed in May 2014, will span across 95 blocks in the community. It will cover from 110th to 138th Streets between Frederick Douglass Blvd. and Madison Avenue. According to Mayor Bloomberg, nearly 80,000 residents will be able to utilize the free wireless connectivity.

“Our new Harlem wireless network brings critical connectivity to residents and visitors, giving them 24/7 access to everything from education materials for kids to information about Harlem’s rich history and attractions to everyday needs like paying bills, checking library hours — or even just keeping tabs on the Knicks and Nets,” Bloomberg said in a statement.

The Wi-Fi project will be completed gradually. The first phase of the project will provide wireless access to 110th to 120th Street, between Madison Avenue and Frederick Douglass Blvd.

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