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The new X-Men movie, “X-Men, First Class” is out and many people are noting its political undertones and racial metaphors. Still, X-Men is still not the only SciFi movie based on racism

1.    X Men (The Civil Rights Movement)

Stan Lee has admitted that the world of  the X-Men was partially based on the Civil Rights movement. The X-Men and other mutants are meant to represent Black people, as they are discriminated against, persecuted by the government and attacked by violent mobs. The X Men set out to achieve their leader, Professor Xavier’s, dream of mutants living in harmony with humans, making him the Martin Luther King figure of the movie. His nemesis, Magneto, wants to fight against humans and takes a more militant stance against human oppression of mutants. In the movie he quotes Malcolm X, saying he will fight for mutant rights, “By Any Means Necessary.”

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2. Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes (Slavery)

In this prequel to Planet Of The Apes, primates are used as servants and slaves for human beings. Eventually, Caesar, the chimpanzee protagonist of the movie leads a primate revolution against human beings. Caesar tells a black assistant to the oppressive governor “You, of all people should understand that to be free, we need power,” making the slavery allegory all the more clear.

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3. District 9 (Apartheid)

The director of District 9, Neil Bloomkamp said his experience growing up in apartheid era South Africa inspired the film. In the movie, aliens are relocated to District 9, an alien Soweto where the “prawns” are forced to live in shanty towns and experience prejudice from human beings and oppression from South Africa’s government.

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4. Alien Nation (Immigration, Integration)

In Alien Nation, a flying saucer full of aliens, who look exactly like humans, but with weirder heads, lands in Los Angeles. The aliens served as the discriminated minority in the movie and were given the derogatory name “slags.” A TV show followed later, and the aliens were used to give social commentary for issues relating to African Americans and Mexicans.

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5. Brother From Another Planet (Slavery)

In this movie, a mute black alien with three toes and telekinetic powers crashes into the New York harbor. He is chased by alien slave masters, who are trying to capture him and bring him back to their own planet.

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