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What do you think you would learn after talking to 1,000 Black millionaires?  Dennis Kimbro, the author of “The Wealth Choice,” shared some of his insights on NewsOne Now with Roland Martin.

“The first discipline, the first attribute, the common cord [between the millionaires] is knowledge,” said Kimbro. “These men and women may have found themselves poor, but poverty was going to have no place in their life.”

To glean some of that knowledge, he intentionally did not focus on entertainers or athletes. His goal was to show how attainable wealth is for anyone willing to follow the habits of people whose fortunes were built on on hard work, as opposed to fame.

Take holiday gift-giving, for instance: “If you do have a penchant to go out and get your child the latest [Nike] Lebron James or Air Jordans, you can buy a share of Nike for less than $75 and just watch it grow – and that share of Nike won’t fade and won’t wear out like the Lebrons will,” he advised.

Hear more of his tips in the clip below.

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