Brooklyn-bred mogul Jay-Z has invested in a Black-led finance app.

Florida Memorial University and the Institute of Black Wealth have teamed up to create an initiative aimed at closing the racial wealth gap.

Businessman Robert F. Smith has teamed up with the digital money management company Goalsetter to equip Black and Latinx youth with the tools needed to cultivate generational wealth.

Terrence Jenkins and the Black-owned bank First Boulevard have joined forces to launch a financial literacy initiative for HBCU students.

J.R. Fenwick’s company FLip That Stock is working to increase Black participation in stock investing.

Social entrepreneur and wealth justice advocate Chloe McKenzie is on a mission to level the playing field for Black women when it comes to wealth creation.

Louisiana native Darren Walker launched the BEAN platform to promote Black economic empowerment and address the racial wealth gap.

An entrepreneur created flashcards celebrating Black millionaires and billionaires to teach youth about building wealth.

Steve Harvey went on a diatribe during a recent taping of his show and insisted that no one who is wealthy gets eight hours of nightly sleep.

Sheena Allen, 29, has launched CapWay to help underserved communities learn more about the importance of financial literacy.

Susan L. Taylor shares her personal journey to success and how as a community, African-Americans can impact change through capitalism.

African-American kids from rich families are more likely to go to prison than White kids from underprivileged households.