Kyam Livingston

Medical and hospital records exclusively obtained by NewsOne bring into question reported facts surrounding the Kyam Livingston case. The documents contradict official news and NYPD reports regarding Livingston’s alcohol intake, her treatment in police custody and dying en-route to a hospital. RELATED: Kyam Livingston Supporters Continue Demonstrating In Brooklyn Initially, media outlets cited Livingston as […]

The people demanding justice for Kyam Livingston (pictured) held a community speakout at Flatbush Reformed Church Tuesday. Marking six months since Livingston’s death, they discussed her short life and the conditions she allegedly endured at Brooklyn Central Bookings. RELATED: Family, Friends Hold Rally For Kyam Livingston In Brooklyn [VIDEO] Livingston reportedly died in police custody, […]

Family, friends and supporters of Kyam Livingston resumed their monthly demonstrations honoring the young mother in Brooklyn Saturday, continuing their push for justice in the case. RELATED: Family, Friends, Hold Rally For Kyam Livingston In Brooklyn [VIDEO] “The girls in the cell helped her; the police did nothing!” said Anita Neal (pictured left of center), […]

Family members and supporters of Kyam Livingston (pictured) congregated at E. 18th Street and Church Avenue in Flatbush Thursday evening, marking four months after her death in a Brooklyn holding cell. The group spoke outside the Church Avenue train station before steel NYPD barricades. RELATED: Family, Friends Hold Rally For Kyam Livingston In Brooklyn [VIDEO] […]

Two months after she died in a holding cell at Brooklyn’s Central Bookings, family and friends of Kyam Livingston (pictured below left) rallied in Brooklyn to bring justice to her case Saturday. SEE ALSO: Chicago Shooting Shows Gap In Stepped-Up Policing Son Alexander (pictured center), mother Anita Neil (pictured left of Alexander),  and sister Ashanta (pictured right) lead a procession through […]