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Seattle resident Alonza Bryant (pictured) is one lucky young lady! The teen was spared a possibly deadly fate, when the eyeglasses she was wearing deflected a bullet that struck her in the face during a drive-by shooting Saturday night, Seattle’s King 5 News reports.

Bryant, who is 16-years-old, doze off with her glasses still on. According to the high schooler, “If I didn’t have my glasses on I wouldn’t be here.”

Police documents state that at around 9:40 pm, Bryant had fallen asleep on a couch at her residence. There were several occupants within the home at the time of the random shooting. Witnesses told authorities that a dark sedan, containing a few passengers, cruised by Bryant’s home and suddenly opened fire. The succession of shots struck Bryant’s window and a few lodged in her walls. The bridge of Bryant’s eyeglasses was struck by a bullet, causing them to break.

Unidentified dwellers of the home summoned police when the dark sedan made a U-turn in order to fire off a second round of shots directed at the house. Miraculously, Bryant was not seriously injured.

Meanwhile, Bryant’s mother, LaVette, told investigators that no one in her home maintained any connections to gangs. “We are honest, upright citizens. We don’t do anything — or harm — to anyone in this neighborhood,” she told King 5 News.

LaVette told police she thinks the bullets were intended for a previous dweller of the home, or just someone who had visited them in the past. The mom is however, not going to hang around long enough to find out who the bullet’s intended victim was, as she and her family are moving out immediately.

The case is still under police investigation.