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RALEIGH — FBI profilers will look into every detail of the crime scenes to tell the story of who, and maybe why, someone raped and killed five African-American women before leaving their bodies to decompose in rural Edgecombe County.

“They will look at whether an arm has been left up or down, or was a hand placed over the chest, to try and reach a conclusion about what sort of person would do it,” said Frank Perry, former special agent in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Raleigh.

The profilers have joined a task force formed in late June to investigate the slayings. Rocky Mount Police Chief John Manley said they needed the FBI’s expertise and resources to analyze the evidence. The women’s remains were found badly decomposed. In several instances, little more than bones and leathery tissue remained.

While those law enforcement officials working the case would not speak about details of their investigation, Perry explained in general terms how such an investigation would normally proceed.

The federal profilers will analyze the details of each crime scene for evidence that could link them to a single, serial killer. They also will look for evidence to disprove the serial killer theory, he said.

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