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Former Washington Wizards point guard Javaris Crittenton (pictured), who is best-known for his locker room gun confrontation with former teammate Gilbert Arenas, was reportedly indicted Wednesday on drug charges in Atlanta. The baller is also facing a murder rap and awaiting trial for the August 2011 shooting death of 22-year-old Mother of four Julian Jones (pictured below), according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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After a lengthy investigation that was led by the Drug Enforcement Agency, Crittenton was accused of allegedly conspiring to deal cocaine and marijuana in the months before he was indicted for Jones’ murder.

On Wednesday morning, the feds reportedly descended on the 6’5″ 26-year-old’s Fayetteville residence. The feds reportedly handcuffed Crittenton and transported him to a Fulton County jail.

Back in April of last year, Crittenton and his cousin Douglas Gamble were indicted by a jury for the murder of Jones. The duo was also accused of criminal street gang activity and were fingered for a second shooting that occurred five days before Jones was killed.

Court documents state that the shooting crimes linked to Crittenton were in retaliation, because he and Gamble were robbed last April of $55,000 worth of jewelry and other items. According to police records, Crittenton, who was in possession of a high-powered rifle at the time of the Jones’ killing, actually meant to shoot the man he thought was responsible for the robbery. Instead, the former Los Angeles Lakers top-draft pick allegedly aimed his weapon at the wrong target.

Crittenton, who has been on limited house arrest as he awaited his murder trial, will be arraigned on Thursday morning.

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