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Alexandra “Alex” Estevez (pictured), the Latin spitfire and former receptionist for the Harlem tattoo parlor Black Ink which is also featured on the highly rated VH1 reality show “Black Ink Crew,” is reportedly suing the show’s producers. The lawsuit alleges that Estevez and her friend Ericka were roofied for a particular show, so that they could make spectacles of themselves for ratings, according to TMZ.

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The lawsuit against Big Fish Entertainment and New Pop Culture Productions stems from an episode that was shot in 2012 entitled “Mixxxy Madness.”  When the segment aired on television, Estevez appeared to be intoxicated, shamelessly throwing herself at the shop’s owner, Ceaser, while sloppily slurring her speech and stumbling as she walked.

Estevez contends that before the production actually began, one of the show’s crew members handed her a beverage, which she believes contained the “date rape drug.”

Roofies or flunitrazepam is a drug that can cause sedation as well as highly impair a person’s ability to remember a chain of events.

Estevez is claiming in her lawsuit that she has no memory of her antics during the filming of the episode in question.

The young tat lover also insists that the show’s producer’s edited the segment to make her look like a slut, which led to her quitting the show last June. Estevez claims that she felt manipulated and violated with regards to her role in the show.

In addition, Estevez’s friend Ericka, who is not a cast member of the show but who claims to have been present at the filming of “Mixxxy Madness,” is also alleging that she, too, was slipped the “date rape” drug.

Both Estevez and Ericka are suing the producers of the show for battery and a slew of other allegations and are asking for at least $1 million.

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