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Lawmakers are in hopes of fixing the Voter’s Rights Act of 1965 by bringing forth a new bill, the Voting Rights Amendment of 2014. Rep. Steven Horsford was on “NewsOne Now” discussing the bill. Horsford believes that the legislation is likely to receive bipartisan support when it’s time to vote, and representatives should get the law to be inclusive and broad, so that the practices will be prohibited in the future.

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“Our concerns have always been gearing teen individuals the right to vote,” said Horsford, “and to ensure they are not suppressive tactics to urge people from voting. The problem here, though, is to legislate that at the federal level when the tactics that are being done by these groups change over time.”

Deborah Vagins of the ALCU also chimed in, “There has always been something uniquely different about the Voting Rights Act. Every time it has come before Congress, it gets reauthorized on a bipartisan base. The ACLU will continue to challenge the voter suppression tactics wherever they occur, and this bill, if passed, [will] go a long way to stop those sort of tactics.”

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