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Curious about what President Obama is planning to read during his vacation? Well, now we know, thanks to Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton. Obama has taken five books (that we know of) to Martha’s Vineyard, a mixture of fiction and nonfiction. (Watch for these titles to rocket up bestseller lists.) They’re all American authors. Judging by the list, our president is fond of crime novels and has a penchant for the writers of TV series The Wire. Here’s the list:

The Way Home by George Pelecanos: Set in Washington DC, this thriller revolves around Chris Flynn, a 26-year-old released from a stint in juvenile detention. While working for his father as a carpet layer, he discovers a sack of money stashed under the floorboards at a job site, setting in place a chain of life-altering events. Pelecanos is a celebrated crime novelist, and was a writer for HBO’s award winning series The Wire. The book traverses familiar terrain─racial tensions, urban decay, and difficult family relationships.

Hot, Flat and Crowded by Thomas Friedman: The follow up to his bestseller The World is Flat, Friedman explores the impact of climate change and the possibilities for American leadership. He draws links between global warming and a crisis of American identity in the face of economic globalism.

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