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Have you heard the news? If you’ve got any plans to drive down Desolation Row, legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan might help guide your way. Dylan is set to voice a GPS system and companies are currently bidding to be his host.

Naturally, this got us thinking about similarly unmistakable black voices of yore, and what it might be like to have them telling you to turn left: voices like Nat King Cole, Ray Charles, James Earl Jones and….. DeLexus Hennessy.

Yes, you read right. In an inexplicable campaign by Garmin, leading manufacturer of in-car navigation systems, a custom character has been created to lead you to your destination. DeLexus is just your average “loveable ghetto fabulous street queen,” who promises you sass, street smarts and terrible enunciation, ie “Turn lef'”.

I can’t begin to imagine the amount of sheer, unbridled, astronomical stupidity it requires to come up with something quite this idiotic and distasteful. This, too, from an otherwise well-known, nearly household name, Garmin. But, alas… This is America, land of opportunity.

CLICK HERE to play the sample. Try to contain your rage as she opens with, “Wasssuuuppppp??!!! You clicked on me?!”

If you like this product, you’re in luck: it also comes in a spicy Latin flavor.

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