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A popular porn star is suing BangBros Entertainment, claiming the production company was responsible for exposing her to syphilis during a video shoot, per the Los Angeles Daily News.

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Heather DeAngelo (pictured), known within the industry as Lylith Lavey, filed the suit in L.A. Superior Court last week. While filming a scene with fellow adult film star Mr. Marcus (pictured right), Lavey says Marcus exposed her to the STD (she also sued him over the ordeal).

Lavey claims BangBros should’ve known of Marcus’ condition, especially since he revealed himself as the star behind a syphilis scare in the business in 2012. He also admitted to altering his STD test results performers show before performing on set.

That outbreak resulted in a temporary shutdown of porn shoots in Los Angeles. Once shooting resumed, the county implemented stricter guidelines to protect actors before shoots.

Marcus has also served jail time for exposing two other stars to the disease. Lavey claims she sustained emotional distress and punishment from her peers. However, she never contracted syphilis after the shoot.

“Plaintiff completed the scene with Mr. Marcus and subsequently found out that (he) had syphilis,” the suit reads.

Lavey is also seeking a default judgement from Marcus in her suit against him.

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