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“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey’s (pictured left) take-no-mess husband, Peter Thomas (pictured right), is allegedly being sued by the owners of his business, Bar One, for failing to pay $100,000 in owed rent, according to Access Atlanta.

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The landlord of Thomas’ Atlanta space, Showtime Cafe, reportedly filed court papers on Wednesday stating that Thomas has not paid them a dime since March of last year. The owners also produced court documents against Bailey claiming the model is also in rent arrears to the tune of $29,000 for her Cynthia Bailey Agency. Thomas, however, begs to differ, telling Access Atlanta that Showtime Cafe has indeed been receiving his rent but not paying their mortgage holder, so now the property in question is in foreclosure.

The Bar One property was allegedly auctioned off last October, states Access Atlanta.

Thomas, whose televised money woes with his wife have raised a few brows as to how sound his business ventures are, also claims that he has been placing his rent dollars into an escrow account via his attorney, until the landlord could settle the foreclosure situation.

The 51-year-old entrepreneur told Access Atlanta, “I’ve been caught in the middle of the crossfire. I don’t owe them anything.” Thomas also alleges that the landlord has tried to oust him from the property twice, even though he has renovated the edifice, spending some $120,000 to make vast improvements.

Showtime Cafe’s attorneys told Access Atlanta, they are hoping to get a court hearing soon, so that Thomas can be kicked to the curb and their clients can finally lease the property.

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