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I was reading the online comments in the New York Daily News about Kansas pol Lynn Jenkins suggesting that the Republican Party needed a “great white hope” and one of the (I’m guessing) Black respondents had taken the predictably negative view of Ms. Jenkins’ attitude as “racist”.

As a response to that post, another (I’m guessing) white responder posted (and this is a direct quote) “Just admit that without some white people, you would not even be here.”

And luckily, I was alone because I started screaming like a fool and fell out of my chair laughing. See, this is what I’d always suspected.

The reason that any Black complaints and Black continued cries of “racism” fall on deaf or mostly deaf ears is because many of the people that hear them can’t help but think of how ungrateful we’re being by complaining.

From their standpoint, we were rescued from a backwards, primitive, poverty inflicted continent and brought here for our own good. The way they look at it now is that, if it weren’t for them, we’d all still be stuck on an AIDS and other-disease-ridden land while we wait to either get our limbs chopped off for stealing the diamonds we’re supposed to be mining or killed in an inevitable coup.

And while, sure, the slavery itself might have been a bit tough, it should be seen as little more than an apprenticeship towards full, human civilization and it certainly wasn’t harder than anything that Blacks voluntarily endure to pledge Black fraternities and sororities. Or anything that we went through naturally in Africa either, for that matter.

One of the reasons, I think, that we’re fed such negative news about Africa is to reinforce how lucky we all are as Black Americans to be here. We’re supposed to be thankful.

So keep that in mind the next time you open your mouths to complain, Black America. If ya’ll were really unhappy here, you would have left already.