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Maybe I’m just naïve, but any time a Black person does anything truly irrational, I start to wonder who’s behind it.  I mean, it’s not that we’re perfect. We like 26″ rims on cars with strawberry colored exterior paint with interiors the color of vanilla pudding. But while I see this as more eccentric or idiosyncratic, bringing a gun to a Barack Obama rally and wishing our president dead – like Chris Broughton did – is definitely certifiable.

And maybe this is where my old age kicks in. Maybe it’s because I’m old enough to know, if not remember, that Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad were actually trying to reconcile their differences but because the FBI had kicked into high gear a program of misinformation, forged letters were sent back and forth between the two men, further estranging them.

Maybe it’s also cause I know that when the Chicago authorities (police included) tried to ramp up a war between the Black Panthers and another local area Black group, the Blackstone Rangers, local Panther leader Fred Hampton was shrewd and fearless enough to squash that beef on his own; putting him in the position where the Chicago Police Department ultimately had to kill him themselves, while he slept in his bed.

Huey Newton’s death was always fishy to me. But maybe that’s just me being paranoid.

And I guess it’s because Black people really don’t have a history of sweeping pathologically psychotic behavior. I mean, sure, we’ve had a John Muhammad or two, and even a Colin Ferguson (who some Blacks, mind-numbingly enough, are actually proud of!), but no Mansons, Dylan Klebolds, Eric Harris’ or John Wayne Gacys, Lee Harvey Oswalds, Ted Bundys… the list of white loonies goes impressively on and on.

So when I see a nut like Chris Broughton and he’s arguing his so-called minister Steve Anderson’s stance that Barack Obama should be “aborted” or die of brain cancer like Ted Kennedy; saying anything just short of committing the felony of threatening the life of our president, am I wrong in wondering who made some Black people so crazy?


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