We celebrate the life and legacy of the iconic civil rights leader.

An old interview transcript revealed the civil rights icons were not foes.

A man who was growing, evolving and changing, gone too soon. As fascinating as Malcolm X's legacy was, just imagine what it could have been.

The announcement marks the 58th year since the civil rights icon was assassinated.

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"Black people are within their rights to resist oppression." - Dr. Betty Shabazz

On his 97th birthday, Malcolm X remains one of the most important figures of the American Civil Rights Movement.

On Malcolm X's 97th birthday and nearly 60 years after his assassination, the civil rights icon's words and work remain relevant.


Five of Malcolm X's most iconic speeches in celebration of his life, which began on May 19, 1925.

Here's to the art of wordplay and celebrating the beautiful black history quotes and passages that represent the craft of colloquy. Inside are five of the most beautifully written quotes, poems, or passages from black history.


Malikah Shabazz, Malcolm X's youngest daughter, was found dead in her Brooklyn apartment after her daughter made the discovery, according to law enforcement officials. She was 56-years-old.

There is almost a Malcolm X quote for everything. We’ve separated some of his most important quotes into a few categories to help you understand them better.