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Chicago Alderman Jason Ervin (pictured) has released a statement explaining a YouTube video that has surfaced of his 2012 bachelor party. The video shows scantily-clad strippers lasciviously grinding, jiggling, gyrating and giving lap dances to several attendees.  The filming of the event is then suddenly stopped when one of the strippers tells the cameraman to stop filming, according to the New York Daily News.

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Ervin, who was appointed in 2011 to fill an aldermanic vacancy, heads the North Lawndale district. The once thriving commercial and residential area is now considered a hub of devastation where crime, unemployment and hopelessness reign supreme. Ervin has been accused of being apathetic and of not making positive changes in his district. He is being questioned and taken to task for attending a private affair. Many of his constituents, however, are  wondering why he is not being raked over the coals for not making any substantial changes to improve their neighborhood.

Watch a news report and video of the bachelor party here:

In the clip from the bachelor party,  39-year-old Ervin is seen relaxing in a chair on a stage with his hands clasped behind his head. Rap music blares as the strippers entertain the attendees. According to Ervin, a former friend who attempted to “extort me, my family, and the residents of the Ward for personal gain” posted the video Sunday.

“I apologize to the residents of the 28th Ward for the attention that this has brought and I do not want this private event to overshadow the good work we have accomplished in the 28th Ward,” said Ervin in a statement.

The politician also made clear that his bachelor party was not funded by city funds and stressed that the event was not held at his aldermanic office.

It has not been confirmed whether a police investigation would be launched to investigate the extortion allegations.

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