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The family of Renisha McBride (pictured) has suffered a setback, this after they were evicted from their rental property in Detroit. It appears that a management company rented the McBride family an undergoing foreclosure, and were kicked out after the ruling became official.

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WJBK in Detroit spoke with Renisha’s mother regarding the untimely eviction. She says that the management company tricked her family into moving into the home and skimming money for themselves knowing the house would eventually be foreclosed:

Monica McBride, Renisha’s mother, says the management company at the property she rented kicked her out of her house. The family says the company is scamming people by moving them into foreclosed houses and collecting rent.

Monica says before she was kicked out, she found out the house was in foreclosure and confronted the “owner.”

“He explained to me that they had a partial payment that they paid where they wouldn’t go under to lose the home in foreclosure, so I kept paying,” she tells FOX 2’s Andrea Isom.

Then an official foreclosure letter showed up.

She stopped paying.

Jasmine McBride, Renisha’s sister, was taken back by how they were treated.

“You could have gave us time to get our stuff together and to move. You just threw us out like we were dogs in the middle of the cold,” she said.

Renisha was shot to death last November by Theodore Wafer after the 19-year-old was involved in a car accident in Deaborn Heights, just outside of Detroit. Wafer said he killed the young woman after she was banging on his front door in the early morning hours, most likely looking for assistance. Wafer called 911 and then shot McBride through his screen door.

Wafer has been charged with second-degree murder and is to appear in court in June.

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