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To All My Black Planet Family and Anyone else assaulted by the ignorant, embarrassing words of Pastor Anderson:

On behalf of any Christian, who is attempting to live an authentic Christ-centered life, and who acknowledges the failure of the Church to properly represent Jesus Christ here on earth by lovingly conveying his message of joy, hope, peace, and love, please accept my humble apology.

I am sorry that you must endure the rants of smug, deceitful men, who pimp out the Lord in support of their cause du jour.

I am sorry for every judgmental glare and condescending look ever imparted upon you in the name of my Savior.

I am sorry for arrogant vipers who condemn people rather than extend grace, who attempt to put you on blast for your shortcomings while actively hiding egregious sins in their hearts, homes, communities, and churches.

I am sorry for that mean-spirited driver who cut you off in traffic, then flipped you off, just in time for you to see the personalized license plate that reads “John 3:16” or the fish spelling out “Ixthus” on the back of his car.

I am sorry for all the hypocrites who claim to love people, but who insist that “God hates fags” or the President and that God commands us to hate them, too.

I am sorry for every hurtful comment or gesture ever leveled at you because you are “carnal.”

I am sorry for every odd-smelling, funny dressing, bible-thumping know-it-all who invited you to church instead of inviting you to dinner, who sought to convert you instead of respect your choice to reject his religion, who force-fed you unsolicited advice instead of just listening to you.

I am sorry for every morally superior knit-wit who put you on blast when she should have extended to you the mercy and compassion she experiences everyday.

I am sorry for every unjust, unholy, power play that you have ever experienced at the hands of a Jesus Freak, who really was just a freak with no knowledge of Jesus at all.

I apologize for every believer who ever lied to you, lied about you, or” lied down” with you, all the while claiming to love the Lord.

I apologize for every jackleg pastor who stole your heart, then stole your wallet, leaving you feeling like a fool for having trusted a man with a promise.

I apologize for every priest, youth pastor, or church employee who stole your innocence while stamping out your faith and leaving you to pick up the wreckage of your life, while refusing to admit that he anything wrong.

I apologize for every confidante who betrayed you and gossiped about you under the guise of soliciting prayer for you.

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I apologize for every coward who was more concerned with his/her personal comfort on the job, in the neighborhood, or at the country club than (s)he was with serving the poor, or the oppressed.

I apologize for the person who extended you a loan, when she should have gifted the money to you – then talked aired you out when you couldn’t repay.

I apologize for the intolerant, disturbed violent head-cases who blow up private abortion clinics, or public buildings or murder their spouses and children because “God told them to do it.”

Most recently I apologize for your having to endure the venomous, sickening tirade of a man, who claims to be not only a follower of Jesus Christ, but a shepherd – a pastor – of God’s people as well.

I only hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me and “my kind.”

I remember the days following 9/11, when various members of the Muslim community emerged to declare that the men who drove the planes into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and into the ground in Pennsylvania, did not represent true Islam, a religion of peace. I remember those days because, I imagine that the mortification I feel over Pastor Anderson’s remarks about praying to God to afflict President Obama with brain cancer, approaches what many members of the Muslim community felt that day.

I am compelled to put in writing that Pastor Anderson’s statements do not represent Jesus Christ or any of his teaching in any capacity.

Anderson hates the President of his own country and has asked God to inflict him with brain cancer. Let’s forget for a minute that brain cancer is an excruciatingly miserable way to die and that only a putrid heart full of puss and boils could ever conceive of such a venomous request. But how about the fact that God would never answer a prayer like that. God may allow suffering for his own purposes (which are always good) and for a time, but he would never grant a hate-filled prayer like Anderson’s. It would go against his nature to indulge someone who is either extremely and persistently ignorant or severely morally impaired at the expense of another.

Following are just a few facts from the Bible that you should know. I encourage you to look them up for yourself if you doubt the statements.

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The word says that if we hate our fellow man, we cannot love God.  1 John 4:20

The bible teaches that we are to respect the authority placed over us, because no authority over us can exist unless God allows it. Romans 13:1-2

We are to pray for our leaders not against them. 1 Timothy 2:1-3

Our battle is a spiritual one, against the enemy of our souls, but not against fellow human beings. Ephesians 6:12

Leading others into sin especially via false teaching is a really big deal to God. Luke 17:1

Hatred of another human being is sin. Matthew 5:21-22

God hates sin, but he loves all humanity. Proverbs 6:16-20, John 3:16

Not everyone who says they are a Christian really is one. Matthew 7:21

False teachers teach false doctrine. 1 Timothy 6:2-4, Matthew 7:15-20

We are to judge the quality of the claim by the type of fruit produced in the life. John 15:1-8, Matthew 7:15-20

We are to judge the heart of a man by the words his lips speak. Luke 6:45

A hypocrite stands on legalism. A man who will pray for the death of another, but claims to be innocent of encouraging murder is splitting some pretty fine hairs, but fooling no one. Matthew 23:23-25

Remember, the religious hypocrites of Jesus’ day manipulated God’s word to advance their own agenda. The religious hypocrites of our day do the same.

I hope I have provided you with enough of God’s word to show that Anderson is not an authentic disciple of Christ. The gospel he preaches is the same one that justified the Crusades, the Holocaust, slavery in the antebellum southern United States, and every other form of inhumanity carried out in the name of Christ. This man is a false teacher. The best thing you can do is leave him to himself. Sometimes just being who you are is punishment enough. Let’s not give him any more attention.

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