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George Zimmerman (pictured) has remained part of the national conversation recently due to his foolhardy choice to engage in a celebrity boxing match that has since been canceled. A recent run of interviews by the former neighborhood watch volunteer has also kept his name abuzz in the media. Now, the Florida man says he wants to end his legal battle with state prosecutor Angela Corey.

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Last month, Zimmerman filed paperwork with the Seminole County Criminal Courthouse to put an end to his aims to make the state pay off his outstanding legal bills. Zimmerman’s defense team, which initially went after prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda over claims of unethical behavior, will also end that request asking a judge to levy a punishment against the 4th Circuit State Attorney’s Office for reportedly withholding evidence at Zimmerman’s trial last summer.

The Orlando Sentinel has more:

If Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson agrees, that would clear the way for Zimmerman to move forward with his defamation suit against NBCUniversal. A hearing in that case is scheduled Friday.

Zimmerman alleges that NBC falsely portrayed him as a racist.

The suit was filed a year ago but was placed on hold until his criminal case was concluded.

Zimmerman, who was acquitted last July in his second-degree murder trial after shooting teenager Trayvon Martin dead, has dealt with implications surrounding his explosive case. The case remains open because of the sanctions Zimmerman and his team filed against Corey and de la Rionda.

Corey’s office is asking the judge in the case to not grant Zimmerman’s request to drop the sanctions, as it seeks to be declared victor.

Zimmerman’s divorce case has also been developing, as a judge has put aside a default in favor of his ex-wife, Shellie. Essentially, whatever property that must be divided between the two could be split down the middle. That doesn’t excuse the mounting legal debt Zimmerman still faces.

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