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Craig Taylor (pictured) was strangled to death while on spring break in Cancun after having argued over a bar tab at a gay establishment, according to Miami Newsday.

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The 22-year-old Kissimmee, Fla., resident, who arrived at the top destination vacay spot along with his brother on February 28, had gone to the Downtown Cancun gay club on Saturday night with his sibling and a couple of friends. According to Taylor’s unnamed brother, when the bar tab arrived Taylor complained that they had been overcharged. The young man allegedly also accused his waitress of stealing his credit card.

An altercation ensued between Taylor and a few of the club’s employees. Taylor, his brother and two unidentified friends hightailed it out of the bar when the argument became too heated. Taylor’s brother and friends escaped the altercation unscathed. Taylor, however, was not so lucky; his body was found Sunday morning on a dirt road in a residential area north of Downtown Cancun called Punta Sam.

According to police officials, Taylor was strangled to death and robbed. Investigators have arrested five people in connection to Taylor’s death–Javier Pérez Solís, Noel Vargas “Lilo” Gómez, Juan Antonio “Tony” Quiroz Ortiz, Walter Berner Barrios Roca and Jesús Adolfo Alvarez Ruiz; none have been charged with murder.

Family members of a few of the suspects informed police that Taylor had reportedly been spotted at a club called Sexy’s hours after the fracas.

Taylor’s body has been released to his brother and the family is working with the U.S. Embassy in Mexico to bring them home.

The most recent tourist murder is reminiscent of the case involving Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of civil rights icon Malcolm X. The 28-year-old student died after being brutally beaten last May in Mexico City. Reportedly, the Shabazz beating was linked to dispute over a $1,200 bar tab for drinks and female companionship.

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