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Tiffany Austin (pictured) claims to have felt much “gymtimidation” at a Planet Fitness in Richmond, Calif., after she was allegedly ordered by the gym’s staff to cover up her toned body because it was intimidating to other patrons, according to HLN.

The Los Angeles vocalist and lyricist said she was pacing herself on a treadmill during her first visit to the gym on Monday when she was suddenly approached by the gym’s employees who informed her about complaints from other members over her ‘toned physique.’  Austin, who was wearing pink capri pants and a matching midriff, told HLN, “The first worker said, ‘You’re intimidating people with your toned body, your toned physique.’ If I’m intimidating someone I thought I had to be harassing them or something. I’m like, wow, just being who I am is an infraction of some sort?”

The employee then allegedly offered Austin a shirt, which she accepted, so that she could cover up her body.

The confrontation did not stop at the shirt exchange. “In rapid succession, the second one [staffer] came after I had already agreed to put on the shirt,” she said. “Then I said, you know what, give me my money back.”

According to Planet Fitness, Austin’s toned body was not the issue that sparked the controversy but her outfit, which went against the gym’s dress code policy. “In this particular instance, club staff received complaints from several members about Ms. Austin’s attire,” McCall Gosselin, spokeswoman for Planet Fitness, told HLN in an e-mail Wednesday. “As a result, a staff member informed her of the dress code policy and also offered to provide her with a free T-shirt to complete her workout. Planet Fitness’ dress code policy is based solely on attire and not physique, as members of all shapes and sizes are welcome in our clubs.”

Austin, on the other hand, feels she was appropriately dressed for the “judgement-free zone” gym, attired in clothing that was not very revealing except for the fact that her midriff was exposed.

In response to Austin’s gym blues, a representative from another exercise outfit, CrossFit Gym, has offered the young woman a free one-month membership to their establishment. Austin told HLN, “He said they like people who work out!”