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Eight-month-old Santiago Mendoza (pictured) can in no way be a bouncing baby boy because he is just too heavy to even be picked up! At 44 pounds, the Republic of Colombia baby is making headlines around the globe as one of the world’s fattest babies. Doctors at a Bogotá clinic are now scrambling to make sure that the big bundle of joy has some semblance of a quality of life, so they have placed him on a diet of fruits and vegetables and have decided to wean him off formula in order to whittle him down 17 pounds, reports El Espectador.

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According to Santiago’s mom, Eunice Fandino (pictured), her son was born with an “anxiety condition,” so whenever he cried, she fed him either breast milk or formula to quiet him down. Fandino admitted that Santiago is obese as a result of her own “ignorance.” Now Fandino is fretting about her child’s obesity and is seeking help so that he can live.

“I’m worried about his obesity,” Fandino told RCN Television, “I don’t want him to continue like this. So God willing, the treatment they’re going to give him for his heart will work to reduce his weight.  I will take the doctor’s instructions and definitely carry them out at home.”

Santiago has been examined by a host of specialists — cardiologists, endocrinologists, and bariatric doctors — and they all concur that if the morbidly obese child does not lose weight, he is doomed to suffer a host of medical issues, such as diabetes, severe joint problems, hypertension, and heart disease.  The child’s medical team feel that he will need long-term treatment in order to combat obesity when he is older, which includes education about healthful eating choices and physical activity.

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