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From CNN:

A woman who was convicted at a trial for wearing pants — clothing deemed indecent by Sudanese authorities — was released from jail Tuesday after being imprisoned for a day, a United Nations spokesman said.

Lubna al-Hussein, a journalist who worked in the media department of the United Nations mission in Sudan, was jailed Monday for refusing to pay a court-ordered fine, her lawyer, Nabil Adib, said.

No further details of her release were immediately available.

Al-Hussein had faced 40 lashes for wearing pants deemed too tight and a blouse considered too sheer.

However, the court she appeared before on Monday spared her the lashes, and instead ordered her to pay a fine of 500 Sudanese pounds ($209) or face a month in prison, her attorney said.

Adib told CNN after the trial that al-Hussein refused to pay the fine as a “matter of principle.”

She will appeal her verdict in an effort to have the conservative Muslim government’s decency law declared unconstitutional, her attorney said by phone Monday from Khartoum, Sudan.

Al-Hussein, who was arrested in July, pleaded not guilty during her one-day trial, Adib said. She was not allowed to call defense witnesses or present a defense case, he added.

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