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Bakari Kitwana Asks: Common

What will an Obama Presidency mean to young Americans?

Bakari Kitwana sat down with Grammy award-winning hip-hop artist and actor Common to discuss the significance of Barack Obama’s presidency for young Americans, one of Obama’s key voting bloc’s in yesterday’s election. In their conversation, Common talks about the impact of hip-hop culture on America’s racial landscape.

What was it like to grow up in Windy City during the historic campaign and mayoral reign of Mayor Harold Washington? Common makes it plain: “Brother Harold” loomed large, but Obama even before last night had already taken on an even greater local significance, says the Chicago native. In the interview, he makes projects about what President-elect Obama’s victory will mean to America and the world.

Finally, Common carefully delves into some of the highs and lows, innovations and missteps of election 2008—from heartfelt moments of his involvement with the making of’s “Yes We Can,” video to the impact of Reverend Jeremiah Wright on the nation during the primary and beyond. Throughout Barack Obama’s nearly 2-year journey to the White House, his relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright is the question that wouldn’t go away. Common, a long time member of Wright’s Trinity Church of Christ talks about the impact of Wright on his own development and shares why he thinks Wright is misunderstood.

Common is an author of The Mirror and Me. His new album out next month is entitled Universal Mind Control (GOOD Music/Geffen) and his upcoming film is Terminator Salvation (May 2009).

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