Florida State Sen. Blaise Ingoglia introduced "The Ultimate Cancel Act," to "cancel" Democrats over the Party's former support of slavery.

A video shows a group of "aunties" openly flirting with "fine" former President Barack Obama at a rally for Michigan Democrats in Detroit.

Former President Barack Obama shut down a heckler in the most spectacular way during a speech in Michigan to rally Democrats.

The Black Ballot

Here's how to watch former President Barack Obama speak at a rally alongside Georgia Democrats at the Gateway Center Arena in College Park.


Black GOP congressional candidate Jerone Davison's campaign ad depicts him fending off "Democrats in Klan hoods" with an AR-15.


Black people have a chance to hold elected officials accountable during the 2022 primary season.


Black voters are all dressed up with nowhere to go as the normalization of thinly veiled white power fascism becomes unbearable. The divide is not political, it’s moral.

South Carolina Congressman and House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn is not only seeking re-election at the age of 81, but he is also all but daring any candidates to challenge him for the seat he's held for nearly the past three decades: "Come get it."


Thanks to the new, expanded child tax credit, millions of American families woke up Thursday morning to find up to $300 for each of their young children directly deposited into their bank accounts. 

The NAACP offered to bail out any Texas House Democrat who gets arrested for walking out of the chamber in an effort to block racist election laws from being enacted in that state.

Dem lawmakers reintroduced legislation on Thursday urging President President Biden to use his executive power to act.

GOP congressional members failed to stick a landing in their false comparisons between Greene and Omar in the ongoing fallout to remove Greene from her committee assignments.