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President Obama Saves FLOTUS From A Marilyn Monroe Moment

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama were in Austin, Texas on April 10 for a speaking engagement at the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library. While heading to and returning from the event commemorating the landmark Civil Rights Act, Michelle encountered strong gusts of wind that nearly blew up her black-and-blue striped skirt. Read more.

Pastor Banned From Feeding Homeless Because He Doesn’t Have A Food Truck Permit

Every other Saturday Rick Wood delivers hundreds of hot dogs and bottles of water to homeless people in need. But the people who rely on Wood’s generosity may soon be left empty-handed. Wood, who is a pastor at the Lord’s House of Prayer in Oneonta, Ala., has been feeding the homeless for the past six years without a glitch. But, last month, the city told Wood that he had to halt his mission because it had passed an ordinance that regulates food trucks, Think Progress reported. Read more.

Obama’s New Health Secretary Nominee Draws Early Republican Fire

President Barack Obama’s new nominee for health secretary drew some early political fire from Republicans on Sunday in what could foreshadow a stormy election-year confirmation debate in the U.S. Senate over the future of the law known as Obamacare.

Two days after Obama nominated his budget director, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, to head the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Republican lawmakers alleged the new nominee could help the White House exert political control over Obamacare enrollment numbers and other data showing how well the reforms are working. Read more.

Co-Screenwriter of ‘Noah’ Explains Why There Are No Black People Or POC In The Film

In a new interview on the website The High Calling the co-screenwriter of the film Ari Handel, who wrote Noah with Aronofsky, was asked about the lack of diversity and addressed by saying:

“From the beginning, we were concerned about casting, the issue of race. What we realized is that this story is functioning at the level of myth, and as a mythical story, the race of the individuals doesn’t matter. They’re supposed to be stand-ins for all people. Either you end up with a Bennetton ad or the crew of the Starship Enterprise.” Read more.

Official IDs Ex-KKK Leader As Kansas Jewish Community Center Attacks Suspect

The man accused of killing three people in attacks at a Jewish community center and Jewish retirement complex near Kansas City is a well-known white supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan leader who was once the subject of a nationwide manhunt. Read more.

Belafonte, MLK Estate Settle Document Suit

Harry Belafonte and the Martin Luther King Jr. estate have settled a lawsuit on terms that allow Belafonte to keep several documents he acquired during his friendship with the civil rights leader, the Associated Press reports. At issue were three papers that Belafonte says were passed on to him by King himself; by his widow, Coretta Scott King; and by King’s close aide Stanley Levison.

But King’s heirs—Martin Luther King III, and Bernice and Dexter King—alleged that the papers were taken without permission. Belafonte, who reportedly helped the King family financially during the civil rights movement, said he was hurt by the allegation. He filed court papers asking a judge to declare him the owner of the papers. Read more.

Accepted! Chicago’s Urban Prep Reaches 100 Percent College Acceptance–For Fifth Year!

Talk about making the grade! Chicago’s all-boys Urban Prep Academy has achieved a 100 percent college acceptance rate for its 2014 class. This is the fifth year in a row the school has done so. “This year, 240 students were accepted into four-year colleges and universities,” reports NBC Chicago. People are taking notice of Urban Prep’s achievements. Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently gave students a pep talk, while NBA star Dwayne Wade donated $10,000 through his foundation to help pay for the cost of the senior prom. Read more.