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Keyshawn Johnson (pictured), the former-NFL-player-turned-ESPN-sports-analyst, was arrested Monday morning by Calabasas, Calif., police on domestic abuse charges, according to TMZ.

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A police report says Johnson had a nasty spat with an ex-girlfriend that got physical. Johnson allegedly smashed his unnamed girlfriend’s phone and her hand somehow got in the way. Consequently, her hand reportedly received a nasty gash.

Johnson and his ex have verbally battled regularly throughout their relationship, according to reports, but this go-round, their alleged feud was over marriage.

The 41-year-old former HGTV interior design show host and “Dancing With The Stars” contestant recently made headlines over his widespread bellyaching involving kid crooner Justin Beiber.    Apparently, Johnson and Beiber live in the same California neighborhood, and Beiber had reportedly been roaring through the gated residential area in his sports cars and Johnson could no longer tolerate the apparently annoying racing antics.

Last May, Johnson took matters in to his own hands and allegedly chased Beiber and his Ferrari down in an electric Prius car, after his 3-year-old daughter, whom he had placed in the child safety seat of his car, was reportedly spooked by the noise.

Johnson managed to gain access on to Beiber’s property and used his arm to stop the garage door’s closing, telling the singer he needed to speak with him.  Beiber allegedly scurried” inside his house and avoided the confrontation with the then-heated Johnson.

Bail for the domestic violence arrest was set at $20,000. Johnson reportedly paid it and is out now awaiting a hearing.

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