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Transgendered woman Armani Nicole Davenport (pictured), whose birth name is Larry T. Bernard, surrendered to the New Orleans police department Monday, a week after authorities announced she was wanted for negligent homicide.

The charge stems from the death of another transgendered woman, Brenisha Hall, 25, who spent two months in a coma before passing away on New Year’s Day, after county coroners eventually determined that an illicit silicone injection, allegedly administered by Davenport, caused her death, reports The Times-Picayune.

The hospital where Hall, whose birth name was Brad Hall, had been a patient declared that she had died from natural causes. The Orleans Parish coroner’s office then stepped in and re-examined the death and determined that the silicone chemicals had spread throughout Hall’s body and eventually killed her.

Davenport was accused of administering the injection to Hall October 24. She was arrested last November on negligent injury charges and released on a $25,000 bond. After receiving the injections, Hall began to suffer respiratory problems and was rushed to a nearby hospital where she lapsed into a coma for two months before dying Jan. 1.

When officers went searching for Davenport last week, they could not locate her at first. According to a NOPD report, Davenport “travels the southeast gay pageantry circuit and has won several titles and also (is) practicing medical procedures without proper credentials.”

A bond has not been set for Davenport.