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(HOUSTON) — A Houston woman who says she is a stripper is being sued in small claims court by one of her customers.

Her stage name is Nomi. She says she works in a Houston strip club and admits she went out a few times with one of her customers.

Now that customer, Robert, is suing her.

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“I’ve never heard of a customer suing a stripper,” Nomi said. “I just don’t understand how this person can sue me for money that he freely gave. I would never have even taken it had I known I had to pay it back.”

UPDATE: Nomi Stops by to Tell Us MORE of the Story

Robert wouldn’t say much, but confirms he met Nomi at a strip club. He says she owes him about $3,000 worth of Harry Potter DVDs, a laptop and cash, and he’s suing to get it back.

“We started going on dates, going out to places,” he said. “I helped a little bit here and there, with money here and there. Because she was staying with me for a while because we actually had a relationship.”

“This guy is a nutcase!” Nomi said.

There may be no chance of mediation in this lawsuit.

“I know she’s very stubborn, so we’ll probably wind up in court,” Robert said.

Gerald Treece, attorney and law professor at South Texas College of Law, said it comes down to whether it was all gifts.

“It has no really great legal value,” he said. “It was ‘wow’ value, and it all depends on whose facts the court believes.” Otherwise, Robert may have to prove it was a business transaction gone wrong. “Assuming it’s legal then he might just be saying he didn’t get what he bargained for. It’s a bizarre form of a breach of warranty,” said Treece.

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