Before anyone in Silver Springs, Ga., can buy a sex toy, he or she must have a legitimate doctor’s prescription, or a scientific reason. The sex ordinance has gotten resident Melissa Davenport (pictured) so up-in-arms that she has filed a lawsuit against the town over what she says is an “invasion of privacy,” according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Davenport feels the government should not get in between her and any sex toy. “(Some people) have this dirty mind about how people are going to use it,” she said. “People really do need devices because they need it for health reasons and to have a healthy intimate life with their spouse.”

She says she suffers from multiple sclerosis, a chronic degenerative disease of the nervous system. “The nerve pathways interfered (with) going to my intimate areas, to the point where I had no feeling.” Davenport says sex toys have helped to save her marriage.

Her lawyer, Gerry Weber, feels the ordinance is ridiculous. “The ordinance basically says the government can stick its nose in your bedroom and say you can use this but not that.” He also argues the ordinance violates the 14th amendment. “People have the right to decide for themselves whether these devices help their intimate life, and the government has no business being the bedroom and second guessing that decision,” Weber contends.

Davenport is not seeking any monetary gains from her lawsuit; she only seeks to have the ordinance deemed unconstitutional.  

The city of Silver Springs told AJC they cannot comment on the hot button sex toy issue, but expect to respond to the lawsuit by June.



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