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Can’t say singer and former reality television star Ray J (pictured) is not a creative wedding gift giver!

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Reportedly, the singer is gifting his ex-lover and former sex tape co-star, Kim Kardashian (pictured), who is set to marry singer Kanye West, four months worth of recent profits from their 7-year-old pornographic video which come to a not-so-paltry $46,840.13, according to TMZ.

Even after nearly a decade in existence, the videotaped sexual escapades of Ray and Kim entitled “Kim K Superstar: The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape” is still a hot seller. Packaged and produced by porn kings Vivid Entertainment, the tape is reportedly the most famous celebrity sex video in existence today. While vacationing in Mexico, the pair is seen on the video going at it in a variety of positions. Thus far, Vivid claims the video has grossed a whopping $50 million.

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The TMZ claims that both Ray J and Kim are equal partners when it comes to video sales. The site managed to obtain a breakdown of the film’s most recent profits:
— January  $6,135.60
— February $20,097.31
— March $9,674.76
— April $10,931.52

— TOTAL:  $46,840.13

If Kim is not exactly keen on the wedding gift, Ray J will donate the monies to charity.