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Gone are the days when women would have to choose the boardroom over babies. With images of working moms from First Lady Michelle Obama  to single mothers across the country balancing work and motherhood with style, millennials have been given a redefined view of what it means to be a working woman. Can young mothers truly have it all? Join a special interactive chat hosted by #YourLifeMatters and noted mommy blogger Carrie Pink, on Wednesday, May 28 at 7pm EST. Along with a panel of mothers across the spectrum, you’re invited to participate in our first interactive hangout via Shindig, a digital event platform that brings the townhall to your living room. RSVP today, and be sure to share your special invitation with all the women in your life. Until then, we want to hear from you: Can women truly have it all? Share your answers on Facebook and Twitter @ylmproject with the hashtag #yourlifematters. 


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