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Anybody that thinks that Kanye West’s “protest” of country singer Taylor Swift winning the Best Female Video award over Beyonce at last night’s MTV VMAs was really about Beyonce and not all about him, is even crazier than he is.

Kanye has all the trademarked traits of the psychopath; he can’t see outside himself and I even suspect that those sunglasses he wears have little mirrors on the inside.

The guy’s a nut.

WATCH the tomfoolery here:

We give him a pass because he’s a brilliant musician, but he always seems to want more than a pass. The guy seems to need our undivided attention, even when the subject, topic, idea, notion, night, event, or gathering has absolutely nothing to do with him.

George Bush doesn’t care about Black people.” But Kanye, you do? It’s not like your girlfriend is Alek Wek, my brother. And the night had been going so smoothly too.

Madonna got up on stage and gave what she thought, I’m sure, was a moving verbal tribute to Michael Jackson. Then I stopped paying attention for a while. Then, I think, Beyonce performed. Then I stopped paying attention again. Then Jay-Z and Alicia Keys closed the show with Hov’s Blueprint 3-issued glowing tribute to the Big Apple, “Empire State of Mind“. Some nutty girl leaped up on stage at the end of that performance, but by then the novelty had worn off.

Luckily for us all, Beyonce showed the kind of class we’ve come to expect from any Black woman who’s been studying Michelle Obama and welcomed Taylor Swift up to the stage after Beyonce herself took the Video of the Year honors. This was Beyonce’s way of giving Swift her “moment”.

You can bet your last money that Kanye didn’t care about any of that, however. By that point in the show, he had already assured that by pulling a “Joe Wilson“, he’d be today’s number one topic of discussion. Despite myself, I even had to write a blog about him.

I hope he’s happy.

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