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Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” (RHOA) star Sheree Whitfield (pictured) has been hit with a $100,000 tax lien by the feds, according to RadarOnline.

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Whitfield, who has had more than her fair share of money woes, reportedly failed to file taxes for the year 2011. Consequently, she reportedly owes Uncle Sam the not-too-paltry sum of  $111,226.58 to be exact.  The latest tax burden is not a first for Whitfield, as the feds also reportedly came a-calling early last year demanding the sum of  $41,752.83 for the 2009 and 2010 tax years.

In addition to her tax burdens, Whitfield also had monetary troubles of another kind when she allegedly skipped out on paying her divorce lawyers $119,000 more than three years ago. Whitfield, who had been in a divorce quagmire, was forced to duke it out in the courts for three years with her ex, Bob, a former NFL offensive tackle, over support issues. Whitfield was then reportedly sued by her legal eagles in 2010, and while she did manage to cough up $69,000, the judge didn’t buy her excuse that the lawyers overcharged her and mandated that she come up with another $96,000 plus interest.

Whitfield has had a rough way to go with mounting debts since her alleged “RHOA” firing. The braggadocio wannabe actress/clothes designer was released from the hit Bravo reality series in 2012, after being on the show for a solid four-year run.

But now there could be some light at the end of Whitfield’s long, dark tunnel. There is talk that the “Who’s gonna make me, boo?” diva may come back to “RHOA” for Season 7.  As a matter of fact, the statuesque and oh-so-abrasive NeNe Leakes, the self-professed head b*tch in charge of the show, recently revealed that she actually missed her old road dawg cast members, including Whitfield and Kim Zolciak stating,  “I miss them being on the show. We had a roller coaster ride, but…I miss having a fight with them every now and then,” according to RadarOnline.

Meanwhile, you can’t keep Whitfield down too long. She makes a few appearances on the much-anticipated “RHOA” cast member Kandi Buruss‘ wedding special spinoff premiering June 1 on Bravo.

Pay your bills, boo!

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