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Ohio bus driver Rickey Wagoner‘s (pictured) claim that three Black teenagers shot and stabbed him has been unfounded by lack of evidence and a police investigation, according to the Dayton Daily News.

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Wagoner initially told police the attack happened February 24th as he was checking outside his trolley bus to see why it had lost power.

According to Wagoner, he stabbed one of them with his pen knife and fired a handgun he as he wrestled from one of them.

Afterward, he radioed to a dispatcher and claimed a religious book inside his shirt pocket stopped two of the bullets fired his way.

But Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl said that it was “not credible” that the book would’ve stopped the bullets from penetrating Wagoner’s torso. Biehl also added that Wagoner’s interpretation of events and ballistics testing on the gun showed major holes in his story.

“After conducting a comprehensive investigation that has spanned nearly four months, the police department has concluded Mr. Wagoner fabricated his statements,” said Regional Transportation Authority Executive Director Mark Donaghy. “All of us at the RTA are angry at the thought that an employee would allegedly mislead the police, the public, and us and use ugly racial stereotypes in doing so.”

Wagoner also told officers that one of the suspects said they were there to “shoot a polar bear,” which is apparently slang for a Caucasian person.

Biehi said Wagoner’s wounds were inconsistent with defensive ones; rather, they were hesitation wounds. In addition, the knife Wagoner allegedly used to stab one of the attackers has never been found.

Though the department concluded Wagoner lied about the incident, he will not be charged with any crimes. He also remains on paid administrative leave, having violated the RTA’s Employee Standards Of Performance. The RTA will grant him a chance to explain his position and provide evidence at a later time.

Biehi said financial woes may have factored into Wagoner’s false report. An auditor office’s records show he owes Dayton County over $100,000 in property taxes on his multiple homes.

Wagoner declined comment outside his house to reporters Wednesday, saying, “Do what you need to do.”

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