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It seems President Obama’s ears must be ringing..

Following on the heels of Osama bin Laden’s latest diatribe, counterterrorism analyst Evan Kohlmann flags a new message from another al-Qaeda figure — this one apparently an American — that’s just straight racist:

Now, the GIMF has released a new document written by Ben Williams, titled, “Obama, What’s Up?” During his essay, Ben Williams referred to Obama as “Kunta Kinte” and accused him of “forgetting about the black man… Do you remember who Kunta Kinte is now, Mr. Hussein Obama? …This is you, Mr. Obama, who has failed to understand the true mentality of racism.” Ben Williams also suggested that the recent peace summit in Annapolis, Maryland was tainted by racism as well: “We have not forgotten that Annapolis is the same town where Kunta Kinte was sold! It is a symbol of slavery and evil.”

So Obama’s disparaged for being black even as Williams calls Obama the real racist. Who knew al-Qaeda watched so much Glenn Beck?

Source: Washington Independent