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2-year-old Kayden Kinckle has become a viral sensation thanks to a video his mother captured and posted to Facebook. The video shows Kayden taking his first steps on new prosthetics. “I got it!” he can be heard confidently telling a caretaker.

According to Nikki Kinckle, her son was born with an Omhalocele (organs remain outside the body) and also had a band wrap around his legs and feet while he was in the womb, which she says led to some deformity. Kayden has had two abdominal surgeries and, in January, had his right foot and left leg amputated.

The video of Kayden has garnered nearly 30,000 likes on Facebook and Nikki has created a GoFundMe page to raise money for the boy’s physical therapy visits, braces and prosthetics, and to pay off outstanding medical bills.