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“Every morning I wake up and cry for at least three hours, I just can’t believe it,” laments Shaneetha Goodloe (pictured) whose 11-year-old daughter, Shamiya Adams (pictured), was senselessly murdered by a stray bullet that allegedly came from the barrel of another youth as she attended a slumber party. Now Goodloe sat down with ABC Eyewitness News for an exclusive interview on how life has been without her precious little girl.

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Adams was at a slumber party with seven other young girls at a home in the Chicago suburb of West Garfield Park on July 18th. A stray bullet suddenly shot threw the window of the home and struck Adams in the head.  The child was pronounced dead at a nearby medical facility.

Goodloe said that she had tried her best to shield her child from the ongoing street violence that is so prevalent in the city of Chicago, so just a few months ago, the grieving Mom made the decision to move her family away from Garfield Park in to a better neighborhood.

Even though Goodloe was adamant about Adams not attending the slumber party that was given by her closest friends, she eventually buckled under pressure after her little girl had begged her to go.  Goodloe told ABC Eyewitness News, “For some reason I didn’t want her to go. But she begged me. I didn’t want to make her upset.  I never let her hang with anyone but these girls because I know their mothers. I know how their mothers are with their girls,” said Goodloe.

The little girl, who was an active church member, school volunteer, and trusted babysitter, wound up going to the slumber party and was overjoyed at being with her best friends at the event, which had taken two months to plan.

Now with Adams gone, Goodloe made a plea to anyone who had some inkling of knowledge about the killing to step forward with the information.  “If you know anything, you should say something, this was not for her. This was it for my child. She was not supposed to die from a bullet to her brain,” Goodloe pleaded.

And Goodloe’s prayers have been answered.

Chicago police reported that charges have been filed in connection to the Adams’ shooting.  Tevin Lee, 18, has allegedly been charged with the girl’s murder and is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.  The youth is reportedly facing one count of murder, one count of felony murder, and one count of aggravated discharge of a firearm.

Goodloe’s friends and family organized a fund-raiser to help her with the funeral costs of burying her child.  The event will be held in Ukrainian Village at Fatso’s Last Stand in the 2200-block of West Chicago Avenue from 3-6 p.m. Thursday.