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(HOUSTON) — A spoonful of sugar may help the medicine go down, but a plastic bag full of sugar may get two northwest Houston people evicted!

When a neighbor at the Mansions at Hastings Green Apartments asked a woman named Faye if he could have some sugar, she gladly obliged, pouring some in a clear, plastic bag and handing it to him.

Unfortunately for them, other people at the apartment complex thought they were making a drug transaction.

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Faye told our news partner, KHOU 11, that her apartment complex is making her sign a letter admitting guilt, threatening her with eviction if she doesn’t. She has no plans to sign it.

The man who asked for the sugar, Terry Brown, said he needed the sugar to make iced tea.

Both Faye and Brown are on public assistance. Since removing someone from the voucher program requires a higher burden of proof, neither are in danger of losing their assistance.


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