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In a televised segment about the ongoing protests in Ferguson, Miss., over the brutal execution of 18-year-old teen Michael Brown, CNN’s international anchor, Rosemary Church (pictured left), suggested that officers should use water cannons to quell the crowds of ralliers.

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As Church mindlessly made her insensitive suggestion to millions of onlookers, co-anchor Errol Barnett (pictured), gave her an incredulous look as if he were thinking, “Did she just say, ‘Water Cannon’?”


Water cannons, which shoot high velocity streams of water, were used by authorities against African-American protestors during the civil rights era. The pressure from the cannons are so strong that they can literally knock people down, rip apart clothing, and cause bodily injuries.

Consequently, use of the riot-control method has been discouraged since then.

Meanwhile, throngs of people across the nation are up-in-arms about the senseless killing of Brown at the hands of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Brown, who was shot on August 9th, was accompanied by a friend as they were en route to his grandmother’s house. The teen had been walking on the street when he was reportedly approached by Wilson and ordered to walk on the sidewalk. Moments later, Brown lay dead on the ground with six bullets pumped in to him.

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