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Professor and activist Cornel West was a guest recently on BBC Newsnight and answered questions about the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. West demanded justice for Michael Brown, called out what he says is “hypocrisy” from President Obama in his handling of the tragedy and crisis and even riffed a little on the role “black leaders” have taken in the matter. Here’s some of what he had to say:

“Think about the hypocrisy here. Just recently the President just said ‘oh we tortured some folks’ but they were real patriots, but they were dealing with anguish and therefore, we let them free. But here, we got young people upset. Why? Because they rightly see a murder taking place. But he’s got to be the man of law and order. It’s not law and order when it comes to torture. Just like it’s not law and order when it comes to Israelis committing war crimes in Gaza but he’s law and order now when it comes to poor black people. You say, will wait a minute. The hypocrisy is overwhelming there. Spare me.”