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House Republicans plan to spend $500 per hour on their lawsuit against President Barack Obama, with a “firm cap” of $350,000. Since the GOP decided to “make it rain,” we compiled a list of things they could have bought instead.

  • They could buy 538 brand new iPhones at $650 a pop.
  • The average cost of Obama’s autobiography, Dreams From My Father, is $8.44 on They could buy 41469 copies of the book.
  • 52,473 bottles of Banana Boat Sunless Tan Lotion at $6.67 per bottle.
  • About 143,442 pounds of pure American pork butt.*
  • The total annual expenditures for educating a public school education is $12,608 per student. At that rate, the GOP could educate 27 students.
  • Speaking of school, with an average cost of $30,094, the GOP could afford to pay for the tuition of 11 young people at a private college.
  • The cost for one adult to fly round trip from Washington D.C. to the airport nearest Ferguson, Missouri is $367. At that rate, the GOP could buy 953 tickets – four for each the House GOP’s 233 members.

*According to the USDA the average price of pork butt is $2.44.

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