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Gangsta rap mogul Suge Knight (pictured) was reportedly released on Wednesday from Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, just three days after being shot six times while at a MTV pre-Video Music Award party hosted by singer Chris Brown, according to US Weekly.

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The Knight shooting took place on Sunday at around 1:30 a.m. at a nightclub in West Hollywood. The gunfire occurred almost immediately after Knight made an entrance at the event, according to police reports.  A few witness reports state that the fired shots were actually aimed at Brown’s table and Knight was just caught in the line of fire, while some sources suspect that Brown who is still on probation for assault charges stemming from the beatdown he gave his ex-Rihanna, was the actual intended victim of the attempted murder.

Investigators have yet to uncover a motive for the shooting.

Even though Knight has been known to glamorize gang violence, it is not yet known whether the shooting is gang-related. Ironically, the 49-year-old record producer was reportedly turned away at the club’s front door, but he eventually bulldozed his way in to the establishment, according to the New York Daily News.

Knight, who lost a lot of blood after being struck by the bullets, was not the only person injured during the shooting.  A 19-year-old model, Megan Hawkins, and a 33-year-old unidentified man were also injured during the gunfire.

This most-recent shooting is not Knight’s first time coming in to contact with a bullet. In 2005, Knight was shot in the leg after attending a Miami pre-VMA party hosted by singer Kanye West.  Then in 1996, Knight was riding in a car next to the legendary rapper,Tupac Shakur, when the West Coast rapper was executed by a hit that has still not been solved.

According to US Weekly, the 6’5″ 350-pound-plus, serial cigar-smoking Knight reportedly healed amazingly and will not require any rehab.

The shooting is still under police investigation.

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