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Related inmates Nekoase Antwan Vinson (pictured left), 30, and Henry Ison Rouse (pictured right), 27, of Bibb County, Ga., were allowed to attend their grandmother’s wake in Macon, but when the duo were escorted back to prison, guards reportedly discovered drugs on them, which they claim to have gotten from a stash that was placed inside the deceased’s coffin for them. Now, the men are facing marijuana possession and bringing contraband to jail charges, according to The Telegraph.

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Both men allegedly picked up marijuana and other contraband that was strategically placed inside the coffin of 74-year-old Emma Mae Faulk. Police have surmised the drugs were hidden in the coffin by another relative, and when the pair were left alone to grieve, that was when they picked up the narcotics.

Bibb County Sheriff David Davis expressed his disgust about the duo’s alleged act stating, “This incident illustrates the audacity of this generation of jail inmates. To use the body of a deceased grandmother to hide drugs and other contraband is wicked.”

When the men were escorted back to their prison site, the drugs were reportedly discovered during a routine search, along with tobacco, a lighter, and cellphone on Vinson.

Reportedly both inmates were already facing a slew of serious charges. Vinson has been behind bars since late July for an undisclosed FBI-related criminal incident. Rouse, jailed on July 4th, has a rap sheet that includes drug charges, street gang activities, and obstruction.

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